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I want to save only with Smart Savings

Our Smart Savings program is the ultimate way to save money at many of the places you already shop on a regular basis. Download the App from the App Store and input your user name and password. Show the App to any of our merchants and receive at least a 10% discount on your total purchase every time you check out.

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I want to save and share with Simple Rewards

Our Simple Rewards program is an easy way to earn some extra cash. Simply share the App with other people and help them enroll. Build an organization and earn commission for each person you enroll as well as the people they enroll. Our App is so valuable that everyone can save a significant amount of money each month while earning too!

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I own a business and want to enroll as a merchant

We recruit local and national businesses that agree to give a 10% discount on the total purchase to anyone who is a Save10 member. Here is the incredible part; There is absolutely no cost to the business for registering in our program. Save10 offers guaranteed advertising to any business willing to give our members the discount.

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About Us

The idea for Save10 started over 20 years with the desire to create a product that would stand the test of time, automatically hold value with changes in the marketplace and increase value over time without an increase in price.

With technology at a minimum in 1996 and without computers and smart phones in virtually everyones lives in the United States, business took off. Still, the missing piece was technology. Today, Save10 has that technology and strives to bring you the great product of convenient savings right on your smart device.

No matter what the marketplace does, Save10 adapts to new businesses, products and services and always has incredible savings! By offering Merchants a spot on our app at no cost, we are able to bring on a wide range, and large number, of premium Merchants, many with whom you undoubtedly already shop. Customers are able to save far more each month than their minimal membership costs.

Save10 also offers an Independent Business Owner program where you get paid to share the app. No inventory, no annoying product pitches, just help others save money. Who doesn’t want a part of that? You’re going to love saving money with Save10!